There can be an expectation that revisiting a past life will be like being in a movie. While that is actually possible, initially the memory may be a little more vague than that and only become clearer with time or the deeper you go. This is because the process of recalling past life memories is very similar to how we recall memories in our current lifetime.

What does that mean? Well, memories are often triggered by the senses. For instance, the hot summer sun may trigger memories from holidays spent at the beach, the smell of apple pie may trigger the memory of Auntie Betty's homemade apple pie, the sight of an old friend may trigger memories from the past in which you both shared, or a song you hear may remind you of a past romance. So when a person is regressed into a past life memory, the moment the memory comes to mind it can often be through the senses of taste, smell, sight, hearing, feeling - or a combination of all of them.

Even though the past life memory may not be completely clear at first, if the person relaxes into it and goes with whatever arises, it can become stronger as the senses are triggered. Just like when someone asks if you remember something. At first it might be a vague memory but then as the memory is triggered by little snippets of remembrance it becomes more evident.

As an example, a client of mine doing past life regression could not see anything in her memory but she could hear a sound which sounded like horses hoofs. This then triggered her memory and what was revealed was that she was sitting in a coach travelling along a cobblestone road.

What’s important to note is that when a person is regressed, they are encouraged to observe the past life memory disassociated - as if viewing a movie. This is because some memories can be traumatic and therefore by remaining disassociated they remain free of being overwhelmed. However, if the experience is positive, an instruction to actively engage with the memory can also be given.

Associating with past life memories can have many benefits for an individual. It can offer the opportunity to embody past life gifts and positive experiences and bring them back to this lifetime as subconscious impressions, so they can be acted upon and brought to life.

Where will your past take you?

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